It is known by a very few that the Golden Mockingbird makes its home in the Western United States. Throughout the centuries, the animal has been seen by only those who seek it. Though many societies have doubted its existence, some fear that it is lurking among us, watching our every move. In recent studies, scientific evidence suggests that there are traces of red feathers in various rural cities in California and Arizona. Writer and renowned theorist John Mackenzie claims he discovered the Golden Mockingbird in Oregon during his travels as a student at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon. Mackenzie's sitings have been speculated to be false and lacking conclusive evidence. Television specials have attempted to compare the Golden Mockingbird to Big Foot because of the lack of evidence supporting the creature. Mockingbirds have small heads, a long, thin bill with a hint of a downward curve, and long legs. Their wings are short, rounded, and broad, making the tail seem particularly long in flight. According to some mockingbird experts, the Golden Mockingbird has all the characteristics of the common mockingbird except that it is excessively aggressive towards other bird species. Overtime the BCA, or the Bird Coalition Association, has continued to pursue the Golden Mockingbird with extreme caution because they fear they may force the bird into further hideaway. The BCA hopes that when they finally show the public that there is visual proof of the Golden Mockingbird then the American public can finally enjoy the spectacle of the very rare mockingbird species and put the doubters to rest.

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