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            After producing the highest-selling hybrid automobile ever, Toyota Motor Company is introducing a new concept to the heavily competitive fuel-efficient car market. The all new, 2014 Toyota Beak will be a first of its kind automobile. With the ability to sit four passengers, this 3 cylinder car runs on fuel yet to be seen on any other car maker’s design: birdseed.

            Research shows the ground up birdseed, when mixed with the proper amounts of heat and oxygen can power smaller vehicles. This new technology allows The Beak to achieve 55 miles per gallon on a full tank of gas. With a nine gallon gas tank, this vehicle can handle longer commutes.

The Beak weighs 2,000 pounds, which is 700 pounds less than a Corolla. Lighter weight means that a top speed of 65 miles per hour can be reached. This hatchback vehicle has a trunk that measures three cubic feet and the car comes in four colors: red, blue, white, and yellow.

Preorders for the vehicle will take place beginning in March, while the complete rollout of the vehicle will come in August. Toyota expects to produce 2,500 Beaks initially, and hopes to reach a selling total of 75% by the end of the fiscal year.

The Research team at Toyota Headquarters has been developing this technology since 1997. The first prototype unit was produced in 2002, and nine years later the car is ready for launch to the public. The Safety Board has yet to test-drive the car, but will do so before the August launch date, when a full crash and safety rating will be published.

The all-new Toyota Beak will retail for $45,000, and will be sold at Toyota dealerships all across San Jose, CA.tion headingEdit

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