The 2050 Toyhonlexica Sport utility vehicle was released on Monday September 10th 2049 by the Toybaru Motor Group (TMG). The 2050 model is the 17th version of the Toyhonlexica in the past 35 years. Just months before the release, the Japanese car company announced that the Toyhonlexica would be exclusively released in the USA and Japan only.

After the 16th version being considered “underpowered” the makers at Toybaru changed the motor from a 6.0 liter Twin Turbo HEMI (700 hp) to a 7.2 liter Twin Turbo HEMII (850hp) adding 150 horsepower to the base ‘Y’ model and a mind blowing 270 horsepower to the ‘ZZ’ Sport tuned model bringing the ‘ZZ’ model to an amazing 970 hp. The all new redesigned 10 piston brake set along with grapple hook have been added to help slow the car down giving the Toyhonlexica superior handling in tight cornering situations.

The 2050 Toyhonlexica will feature a brand new, redesigned interior as well as a few cosmetic changes. The new interior will have electronic, heat, massage, and a personal computer built into every seat. The extra two feet added to the length of the car (25.8 ft) gives each passenger enough room to fully recline their seat. The stereo features an xbox360, ps3, and blue ray player along with mobile Wi-Fi connectivity. The Toyhonlexica’s cosmetic changes include 28 inch rims with all weather tires, 3 sets of headlights (2 HID, 1 LED), cargo rack and optional machine gun mount.

The starting price for the base ‘Y’ model is $139,999.99, while the Sport Tuned ‘ZZ’ model ranges over $150,000.00.