• 345 Bushwell Avenue is a well known Italian Cuisine chain-restaurant headquartered in Oakland, CA.


  • The company was originally founded by Angelo Roberto in 1990 and was popularized by the Bay Area rap legend, Mac Dre, in his famous song “Brunch at 3:45” in 1996. After being praised publicity by highly reputable Bay Area gourmet connoisseurs on Yelp and Instagram, the company started expanding by a considerable amount. In 1997, the company opened their second branch in Palo Alto and the opened their third branch in Los Angeles the following year. As of 2017, the company has expanded all the way out to the east coast and there are over 50 locations nationwide.

Net worth:

  • 345 Bushwell Avenue is a publicly owned company and has an estimated market value $1.3 billion as of September 25, 2017.

Rumors and Criticism:

  • In 2009 there were widespread rumors about 345 Bushwell Avenues secret sauce ingredients containing cockroach eggs and pesticide but none of these claims have been proven to be true after a FDA investigation.    
  • A 345 Bushwelll Avenue restaurant in Williamsburg, Virginia was responsible for an E.Coli outbreak on August 2010, which sent 300 customers to the emergency room. After further investigation conducted by the FDA, there was proof that the store management did not conduct proper food safety handling. The Williamsburg was closed for 2 months for inspection and the company incurred a $700,000 fine and lost over 100,000 of its shareholders.


  • Angelo Roberto, the owner of 345 Bushwell Avenue funded $3 million to the city of Oakland in order to support their Oakland School system, which he once attended as a child.