The 4D television set is a completely interactive method of not just watching, but also experiencing TV. Before 4D TV was available to the public, it was used only in the most upscale theaters in the world. With the invention of kryptonium, large electronics companies such as Samsung, Sony and Vizio worked together to create one super-powered TV company called Sanio. Sanio is the sole developer in this technology and as such own all copyrights so that no other competitors can challenge their products.

The 4D TV uses 4K technology with results in almost life like graphics for movies or video games. In addition to the industry-leading resolution, 4D TV has the ability to manipulate the entire room it is located in. It manipulates the settings so that the viewer(s) can experience the current scene in real life. This works by putting on 4D glasses, similar to 3D glasses, however instead of only enhancing the watching experience the glasses enhances all other senses other than sight. The glasses let you smell the delicious foods, fresh air and even the stinky clothes that appear in the scenes of your favorite movies. No matter where you look in the room you will keep the feeling of being a part of the show. Any seat will be instantly able to give the viewer more of a thrill by shaking, rattling and reacting to what is going on in the current scene. Being able to be fully submerged in anything you’re watching is the goal of this technology.