A Mistaken Identity

Johnny was driving his car alongside a quiet highway together with his colleague Zi, who was on the passenger seat. Zi’s left arm was in a sling since it had been fractured several days ago.

Their discreet drive around Greece became a nightmare all of a sudden after a personal vehicle with four demigods who overtook them. A certain demigod seated at the back threatened to strike Johnny with his bronze spear and ordered him to stop the car by the roadside. Horrified, Johnny was forced to comply. Both Johnny and Zi sat petrified, unsure of what was happening.

Quickly, the four demigods in the car got out with their spears and weapons. One of them cried out in a loud voice, asking both Zi and Johnny to get out with their hands up. Yet again confused, they were forced to comply. Zi could only raise one hand since his fractured arm was on a sling.

One of the four demigods took out a gold badge and identified himself as a law enforcement officer of Mount Olympus. The other three demigods frisked Johnny and Zi. Satisfied that Johnny and Zi were weaponless, he demanded to see their national identity cards. The two friends handed over their identity cards to the officers to be inspected.

“Sorry, we express regret for the inconvenience. We initially thought you were someone else. We are searching for a desperate thief on the loose with a left fractured arm, and we were forced to check you out,” the officer explained and left the two friends. "This thief has stolen an extremely dangerous weapon which was made for Zeus, the king of the sky and ruler of Mount Olympus." As Locksley (2018) notes, human memory is highly fallible than what most people think.

Leonardo and Martin took several minutes to redeem their composure. It was a case of mistaken identity and a scary one. 


Locksley, A., & Colten, M. E. (2018). Psychological androgyny: A case of mistaken identity?. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology37(6), 1017.

-Enya Nguyen

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