Often referred as weapons of war, the All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) are largely rumored to be greatest land vehicle during the galactic civil war. It was rumored that AT-ATs were invented near the end of the clone wars in secret. There have been reports of AT-ATs taking out entire bases without any problems.

           AT-ATs has been depicted as resembling a hybrid of an elephant and a rhino. The color of an AT-AT is also known to be the same as the skin color found in elephants and rhinos. They are thought to move slowly due to their large size. Others have indicated it is really an illusion since they so large they take longer strides. There are reports that these walkers are over 20 meters tall. They are thought to be intimidating due to their large size. There are accounts of AT-ATs having a tremendous psychological impact on enemy troops. In some cases, enemies would surrender upon first sight of approaching AT-ATs.

           In modern times, researchers have suggested the remainders of the heavily armored vehicles were transformed into Super Post-Panamax container cranes. There have even been reports of these transformed AT-AT at the Port of Oakland in Oakland, California. It is rumored that descendants of Imperial ground forces have rebuilt AT-ATs into Super Post Panamax container cranes as disguise. One might speculate that they are reserving these armored behemoths to prepare to conquer the galaxy once again.

            It is unclear how these remaining AT-ATs were able to survive through such a long period of time; however, one might speculate it is due to their armor. They are thought to be made from a mixture of steel and titanium. They are rumored to be able to lift 145,000 pounds which isn’t surprising since they were once known to be able to carry five speeder bikes and 42 Imperial stormtroopers. Once referred as a weapon of war, they are now serving in a new role for the people as weapons of trade.

Glenna Nadonza