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Gun control is a contentious issue that has been debated over for some time. It refers to the regulation and limitation of people’s access to firearms. Gun control was invented by the Ancient Greeks, who were so good at it that they managed to keep guns from being invented for 2000 years. Interestingly enough, several leading Greek philosophers at the time were heavily in favor of the right to bear arms. Aristotle once famously declared "you can take my guns from my cold dead hands" (Heston, 2000, p. 79).

Gun control remained in place relatively unimpeded until Martin Luther fired 95 bullets through a cathedral door, sparking off the great reformation of the early 16th century. The reformation quickly divided people into two camps: the Lutherans, who held that gun ownership was a private issue between individuals and John Browning, and the Romans, who were heavily in favor of the status quo (Lazer, 2014, p. 50).

Modern Day Edit

More recently, gun control has become an issue demanding the attention of every single person on the planet. The modern day Lutherans declare that guns are the single greatest invention of humanity and that everyone should have a personal armory, no matter their age (LaWayne, 2012). Their opponents in the 21st century claim that every single firearm in the world has a mind of its own and thirsts for human blood (Cyt, 2009, p. 42).

The famed historian Walter Sobchak once said, "Gun control is just one of those issues where no one is going to ever agree, but at least everyone has an ethos, you know?" (1998, p. 4).

With so many different views, and emotions running high, humanity still has to settle this millennia-old contentious issue, and will have problems doing so for many years to come.

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