A Life’s Cookbook

A cookbook of life or cookery book is a kitchen reference publication containing a collection recipes presented in an individual’s life, typically organized in chronological order or by significance. Written by and published by the Global Organization of Death, or G.O.D for short, a Life’s Cookbook is sent out for free to an individual once they turn twenty-one years of age. The cookbook details any and all culinary dishes that has had a significant impact to an individual. Examples range from a long passed mother’s stew from childhood, the meal they had on their first date, or their favorite food. There is no limit to the amount of recipes presented and the number fluctuates from one individual to the next. There also seems to be no criteria for recipes presented other than its significance. Five star culinary masterpieces have been found on the same page as fast food takeout. The book seems to determine what is subjectively important to the individual and not subjectively what is an important food.

The methods and means by how G.O.D collects this private information is still unknown and the company has denied any further questions concerning this topic. Since there is no harm presented by the cookbooks and this tradition has been recorded ever since the first cookbooks were written, governments of major world powers has deemed the cookbooks to be safe and has allowed the continuation of this practice.

One thing to note is that, because of the nature of this cookbook, one would assume it would be delivered to an individual on their deathbed or to their significant others after they are deceased since this would account for all significant dishes in their life, but instead the cookbook is delivered on their twenty first birthday. When questioned, G.O.D has stated that, “Simply it’s so that they have enough time to try out all of the recipes for themselves” (G.O.D representative). The company also accounts for individuals that are deceased before their twenty-first birthday and mails the corresponding cookbook to the individual's immediate family or any person of significance in their life. The cookbook itself also accounts for the future by including a number of blank pages. After an individual’s twenty-first, every decade after; starting from their thirtieth, then their fortieth, then fiftieth etc., new recipes are instantly added. One only has to reopen their book past the corresponding birthdays and new recipes are presented.

This unique aspect of the book has lead to the creation of a number of traditions. A popular tradition in the United States of America is for an individual to recreate one of the many new recipes added on their decennary birthdays with their family, significant others, or other people of their choosing.