A Muzzle Dieter Life

A muzzle dieter is a famous word in Korea. It is a new word that is a combination of ‘muzzle’ and ‘dieter.’ The muzzle dieter represents the people who keep trying to lose weight without actual lost, so the muzzle dieters are always on a diet, but they are doing it wrong. Therefore, they are often struggling with depression and frustration.

A Case of a Muzzle Dieter

SoonJin An is a professional muzzle dieter. She is thirty years old, and she has been a muzzle dieter since she was a teenager. She constantly starves and overeats in her life and has been overweight. Every morning she wakes up and promises herself to stop overeating and doing exercise. So, she starves during daytime and be satisfied herself. However, she overeats late at night by drinking beer and becomes depressed again. This is her regular daily life. Of course, she wants to exercise. There are few of working-out goods and a running machine that she never uses more than three times. Her working-out products are everywhere in her room with dust, and she uses the running machine as a clothes hanger. Also, she falls into temptation as a short-cut diet with diet pills. The diet pills are expensive, but it is hard to avoid the hope she can lose weight without bearing hunger and exercising. However, the diet pills make gain more weight. The muzzle dieters think that they can eat more since they take the diet pills. From this cycle of life, she gets tired of losing weight and never actually really trying and eventually gives up being healthy. This is a typical muzzle dieter life.

Eunsun (Eileen) Park