A New Flower

Devirdis piccolinis, commonly known as the Devire flower, is a hybrid flower creation. The cross-pollinated flower required the DNA of both the Devird flower from South America and the Piccoli flower from Italy. This flower is considered to be one of the rarest flowers in existence. According to botanist and researcher, Mildred Monicker, “The process of cross pollination was extremely difficult as the plants come from different climates”. The Devird from South America, is located in a very wet and humid climate. It is constantly raining and the roots of the plant need a consistent source of water to grow. The Piccoli, however, located in Northern Italy, comes from a dry climate in which the temperature is usually warm. The only compatibilities that the two flowers had, was that they could survive in warm temperature and that they were from the Visishis sub genus. After months of research and DNA compatibility tests, it was confirmed that a new genus could be created.

The reason the flower is so rare, however, is because it cannot grow in all climates. Since the plants were from different climates initially the new formation, Devirdis piccolinis, takes twice as long as each plant to grow. Blooming once a year, usually during the months of August and September, the flower can only be found now in the sub-savannah region of Australia. The climate in this region is the perfect condition for the growth of the flower. The beauty of the Devire is also in its rich color and velvety texture. The color is a rich shade of burgundy and the creamy shade of vanilla integrated into one flower. Average prices in order a single flower range from $2,000 to $16,000 depending on the availability. Picking a Devire flower, is illegal, unless one has a government certificate too, or is a licensed botanist.


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