Sheen Estez is a famous scientist credited with developing Higz Bozon Theorem while attending San Jose State University in 1956. Estez began his career at SJSU as a prospective physics major. He realized that he wanted to go fast after watching his favorite tv show "The Flash". After hearing of the particle known as tachyons he spent his underclassmen days figuring out how to detect them. He soon moved on from this realizing that the particle itself could not exist in this reality. He realized that in order to go faster, more energy must be transferred through the body. Estez was walking around campus when he stumbled into the courtyard that contained the old bell. He thought of the vibration that occurs when a bell rings and realized that the bell itself acted like a plane that is constantly moving and due to this movement energy can be transferred between particles thus increasing their speed faster than the speed of light. Although he could not detect Tachyons his theorem has paved the way for research to go faster the light speed. Scienstists hope to use this theorem to explore new quadrants of the galaxy and bring universes closer together. Estez had been awarded a Nobel peace prize for the amount of collaboration between countries that was needed to test this theorem. The UN recognized his achievement and hope to use this newly acquired speed for mankind so they can explore the universe without conflict and share the various cultures of earth.