Daniela Obe was born and raise in a very rich family from Venezuela in 1989 but she used to have a double life. For her family she was a straight As students but behind them she would go party with the most dangerous narcos from her country. One of those narcos' became her first love. At the beginning the relationship was perfect, he bought her with expensive gifts, that she happily received. Soon they moved together and after a couple of months things in the house changed. He turned out to be a monsters, he would continuously hit, yell, and leave her alone at home to go party with other women. One day Daniela was decided to leave him, but since it is very dangerous to leave this kind of man, she decided to commit murder. For her that was the easy part, the hard one would be how to his body. For that reason she decided to convince him to go in a cruise for vacation. He agreed. One of the destinations was the Galapagos Islands. Before going to snorking she poisoned his favorite cocktail and gave it to him. Five minutes after they started the activity his heart stop working and he just died there. She left him behind and went back to the ship. The next destination was Costa Rica were she was last seen. She never returned to the ship. Today nobody knows where she is, and it the end it is better in that way.