The city of Abimbola was first established in 1692 and was created to be the most luxurious city in the world. The majestic nature and wealth of the city is unparalleled to anything else seen throughout the globe. The name Abimbola translates in African to “born wealthy”, an appropriate name for a city promised to be lavishing in richness. The city is located in the depth of the southern Congo jungle. To find it, explorers must make a challenging journey into the wilderness and enter the city through a cave that is hidden by the torrents of waterfalls. A mile long journey through the darkness of the cave will lead right up to the gates of the city, where immediately an explorer is greeted with unparalleled richness.

The first glance of the city provides views of the river that runs around the perimeter of the city and the canals that branch off of the main river creating a boating path into the heart of the city. To enter into the city, explorers must cross a bridge made of solid ivory cast bars and decorated with intricate gold leaf elephant heads; after crossing the bridge, the city enfolds before the eyes. The entire city is built from pure ivory; the streets, the buildings, the boats, they are all made of ivory. Everywhere, gold elephants decorate the sides of the white ivory buildings, which emphasize the importance of the animals to the city. They freely roam the city as if they were dogs free to wander the streets. They are not wild however, but bred to be treated as royalty. These creatures are worshipped in the city for the proud sacrifice they whole-heartedly make; they all sacrifice their ivory tusks to provide the plentitudes of wealth in Abimbola.

Once an elephant has withstood the removal of his tusks, it is destined to live a life of being worshipped by people for their sacrifice to the city. Some people may wonder why the elephants are so self-sacrificing towards the city of Abimbola, with their size and intense power, they could easily rebel against the people of Abimbola and destroy the entire city to escape their captivity, yet they do not. The reason for the elephant’s peace of heart is the Treaty of 1686. Centuries ago, the people of the Congo jungle were relentless killers of elephants, putting them through constant torture and fear. One day the wise leader of the elephants created a hypothesis, if they could get the humans to need them, they would never hurt another one again. Once realizing the value a pair of ivory tusks could have in the eyes of a human, they compromised to provide the tribe tusks until the end of time, so long as the elephants got protection and faithful worship amongst the community. The treaty was signed and the conditions maintained; humans and elephants now live together in peace.