Abraham Lincoln’s lost son

Everyone knows that Abraham Lincoln’s son Robert, Edward, William, and Thomas, but no one knew about Peter Mueller. Peter was born on April 15, 1855, exactly 10 years before Abraham’s death, to Abraham Lincoln and his mistress Hannah Mueller. Peter grew up in Springfield, Illinois never knowing who his father was. The only resemblance that Peter had to Abraham was that their beards matched other than that there was no similarity. 

Peter grew up a pretty normal life going to school when he could and he also was an apprentice for a local carpenter named James Wilson, to help bring income to the house. Mr. Wilson became like a father figure to Peter teaching him how to hunt, fish, and basic life knowledge, along with carpentry. Mr. Wilson was a good influence on Peter, but one day Peter stopped going to work for Mr. Wilson for no rhyme or reason.

Peter decided to leave Springfield and go to Boston. When Peter got to Boston, he started looking for work, but came up empty-handed. This made Peter turn to a life a crime, it started with small crimes. Committing gave Peter such a thrill that soon the small crimes were not enough for Peter and wanted to bigger crimes. Eventually these bigger crimes started to become murder. Peter had become a serial killer, known on the streets Boston as the Boston Slayer. The Boston Slayer was feared throughout Boston, known to only kill at night and only kill older men like fathers. This kept people in their houses to scared to go out at night. The Boston Slayer was never caught but was suspected to have killed at least 20 people. Peter ended up dying on September 24, 1910 in a house fire, no one ever suspected him of being the Boston Slayer.