Ace Carver- (1888-1968)

Ace Carver is one of the lesser known artists to live in the 19th century. His taste was highly personal and in many ways extremely abstract. Unlike more famous artists such as Picasso, Carver never truly exhibited his works.

Carver lived a rather private life and often making ends meet by creating post cards and painting portraits for his clients. Many of Carver's private works showed his deep interest in the "fiction" genre. Paintings of iconic figures such as Medusa, Hercules, Aphordite, etc.

Carver's early childhood is still a mystery but it is speculated that he came from Europe to the United States at a young age with his family. Real traces of his history appear when he was about 25 years of age...though still vague.

What is known however is that from the age of 25 he began to take his artwork more seriously and turn it into a career. He exhibited his works only a few times after which he fell out of the public eye, the reasons were unknown until a year later when he was seen once again at his last exhibit...with his wife. After this point he was rarely seen and became extremely private, many of his fans speculated that he was perhaps going through depression or had lost his passion for art.

Some fans however preferred to believe that he had perhaps found real happiness and decided to pay more attention to his new household and life.

We may never know...what is known is that his grave is a rather fancy one somewhere in the state of Virginia. The exact location however has always been a the man himself.