Since the debut of his non-human powers in December of 1855, Aces has protected the city of Los Angeles diminishing the crime rate completely. The root word of Aces comes from Ace, which in the Old French language means one unit. As the Ace is sometimes played as the highest playing card in a game, the word describes Aces status among all human beings which is high quality and untouchable. Aces was born on March 22 of 1838 and was raised in the city LA by his grandparents because his mother has passed away during the birth of her only child. He first discovered his power on September 5 of 1849 while crossing the street to go home from school when a getaway car tried to run him over due to the multiple police cars chasing after it. Aces smashed the car when it ran into him; according to the police, and Doctor Jamison who had done the check up at a local hospital, it didn’t leave him with any scars or evidence of the accident. Aces use his powers day to day making it risky for criminals to disobey the law and serve as villains in society which has not only caused dismantle of gangs, but the number of gang members to decrease as much as 85%. Research done by scientists that specialize in anatomy state in their recent publication of Aces ability, that his strength was proven to be 177 times more powerful than an average male that is 25-27 years of age. Write the text of your article here!