Adam Conklin is a strategic reality game show player in the show “Life is a Challenge”.

Some speculate that Adam’s father Gregory is the reason that Adam is so strategic. It has been

reported that Gregory Conklin played chess for nine hours a day to develop such a strategic

mindset. Adam’s mother Gloria suggests that this mindset has been passed on to Adam.

Subsequently, according to the viewers’ poll of the show during last week’s episode, 91% voted

that Adam’s strategic mindset is the reason why he has made it to the final two players. A cash

prize of $500,000 is awarded to the winner of the show where the goal is to outlast competitors

by participating in outraging stunts such as eating insects, standing in ice cold water for an hour,

and juggling fire scorching sticks. It is suggested by Adam’s girlfriend Fiona that Adam would

use the money to buy his father Gregory a new house with three bedrooms, two baths, and a big

yard to walk his dog Jackson. Adam often uses his mind to fabricate stories to his fellow

houseguests which he later reveals to the camera as complete lies. On June 2nd’s version of the

show, the audience saw a glimpse of Adam’s journal to which he wrote, “I told the houseguests

that I was really poor and needed the money for college so they would let me win”. It is rumored

that Gregory’s father is happy with the developments and is hoping for his son to come

home with the prize money.

Neil Sutaria