Adam is the result of an experiment from a mad geneticist.  His creator was a man who was addicted to the abilities of those depicted in video games such as Pokémon, X-Men, and Street Fighter.  His creator spent twenty years of his life searching the world for people and creatures with these abilities.  One by one he was able to capture the DNAs of these creatures and combine them into a super mutated DNA that is one hundred times more complicated than a human’s.  As a result, Adam has the powers of all the creatures combined.  Adam was created using the golden ratio; therefore, physically he is mathematically perfect.  His skin is the color of a metallic chrome, almost like that of the Silver Surfer. 

Adam can read minds and has telekinetic abilities; therefore, he is not physically strong like the Hulk.  He can teleport, and control the elements at will.  If you look at him directly into his red eyes, he has the ability to put a mental vice like grip on you that blocks the signals from your brain to your body.  He also has the martial arts abilities of ten shaolin masters. 

The U.S government has been trying to use him as a diplomatic tool after learning of his existence.  The government believes he is the answer to world peace, but Adam knows he will be used for his powers when any foreign government disagrees with the United States.  Adam is constantly on the run and in hiding.  He returns only to protect his creator who is harassed by the government.