Adolf Jr. Hitler (pronounced [ˈadɔlf ˈhɪtlɐ]; April 4, 1940 - September 6, 1965) was born in Berlin, Germany and was the son to politician Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. Adolf Jr. spent his infancy always at his father's side and was cared for by Eva. After Germany lost the Battle of the Bulge, Adolf feared for his son's life. It is unknown how Adolf Jr. escaped Germany. According to testimonies by Adolf's top officer, there were rumors that a life-long friend of Adolf snuck his child out of Germany and fled to the Turkey.

According to Adolf Jr.'s journal, he spent his early life on working in a textile factory. He lied about his name because he didn't wanted to be judged because of what his father did. During his free time he spent painting. The paintings that Adolf Jr. spoke of like The Sword and Bird and True Beauty were never found.

At age 20, Adolf Jr. grew tired of working in the factory and just wanted to paint. On July 27th, 1960, he moved Paris. The next day Adolf Jr. set a stage right by Eiffel Tower and showed a gallery of paintings signed Adolf Jr. Hitler. Once people knew that he was Adolf Jr. they threw food at him and scared him off.

He spent the next 5 hears hiding in Paris painting. He sold paintings to eager Germans who traveled to Paris to get his paintings. While the Germans paid a high price, other critics around the world deemed them worthless. Adolf Jr. became depressed because people judged him based on his father's actions. On September 6th, 1965 Adolf Jr. Hitler painted his last painting, His Ghost and the committed suicide by gunshot to the head. After his death Adolf Jr.'s paintings value increased 20 fold. His Ghost is on a tour through Germany presently.