The Tower Bell

The Tower Bell was originally created for Miguel Hidalgo, leader of the Mexican Independence. It was used to carry out The Cry of Dolores September 16, 1810. After the Mexican Independence was over, American President Donald Trump purchased the bell for $100, 000, 000, 000 and ordered his slaves to take the bell to the most prestigious University in the United States of America —SJSU— as a symbol of solidarity.

The Almighty Hero Statues

During the alien invasion in May 12th, 2012, two heroes from San Jose, CA sacrificed their lives to save the Earth: Power Rangers Omar Baltazar and Barack Obama. These two rangers auto-exploded their Zords inside the alien mother ship and annihilated the aliens. In their honor, the Almighty Hero Statues were built at SJSU.

Cesar Chavez' Gate

Shortly after Cesar Chavez’ death, his wife purchased a gate to connect this world with the after life for 1 billion dollars. Mrs. Chavez visited Mr. Chavez in the after several times till her death. Mrs. Chavez was a Differential Equations professor at SJSU and president Donald Trump chose to keep the gate at SJSU in her honor.

The Holly Pencil

800 billion B.C, God created a giant, magical pencil for his son Jesus. God and Jesus used the pencil to draw out animals, trees, and many other things. The pencil would then bring all those things to life. According to the New York Times, the pencil was also used to create the entire universe. The pencil, known as the holly pencil, is kept at SJSU.