Nathaniel Wern was a professor at USC when he thought of his latest brilliant invention. Mr. Wern was in his 15th year teaching at USC where he would hear his students constantly complain about being depressed, tired, stressed, and generally unhappy. He tried to think of a way to help change their moods even when life was hard when it hit him. He finished this invention in 2025 and called it the "Moodform" after getting the idea by observing his students. He contracted a platform that you would stand in the middle and it could actually alter your mood. By standing in the middle of the platform all one would have to do is move the dial with your foot to the appropriate mood setting you would like. All the students who would use it when they were depressed with homework overload or other stressful school assignments loved this. They would simply step onto the platform change the dial to happy and become instantly content with life. It was also highly useful before tests, quizzes, speeches, and other stressful activities as it could be used to relax you. The Moodform became so popular that every college in the U.S. asked Mr. Wern to create one for them on all their campuses. The product then became so popular that Wern was asked to replicate his invention into a size small enough to fit in a consumer home. Soon the whole world was happy and relaxed which ended all wars and peace throughout the world.