The SJSU Time Machine

The Tommie Smith and John Carlos statue on San Jose State’s campus resembles a crucial moment in history when the two Olympic champions stood for human rights in a silent protest where they bowed their heads and raised their fists in the air. Built on February 9, 2016 by San Jose State student, Reginald Lucifer. Lucifer built the statue with a secret for all San Jose State students, the state also works as a time machine. The fists in the air of the two Olympians is to ignite the time machine, a person must stand on the empty podium of the statue and raise a fist in the air and bow their head in order to work the machine. Someone must set the settings to the specific date and place they wish to travel inside of the shoe on the first place podium. The machine will not function unless there is someone standing with the two Olympians on the three podiums with their heads bowed and a fist in the air. However, Lucifer cleverly only made this exclusively to San Jose State students so once the settings have been input the machine will require for someone to scan their past or present Tower ID in order to gain access to the time machine. As the first ever time machine on the planet, the time spent in another time only lasts for only one day then you are teleported back to your time and can only be done once a week.

Luis Antonio Manzano