Aero caballus, also known as caballus, is an enormous creature of four legs, a strong muscular body (similar to that of a horse’s body), and has a wingspan of 20 feet made of gold feathers.  It stands about five feet at shoulder height and has an ivory shiny-tamed mane with a lilac-colored coat. 

The aero caballus dwells on the pasture of Lalaland in the Southern hemisphere of the planet Osiris.  Lalaland is a large island that is tropical in climate with a tropical-colored hemisphere, which has an abundance of tropical flowers and fruits. The aero caballus is a well-tempered animal that consumes 50 pounds of a blend of ecstasy flower and purple-berry fruit, which helps give its coat color.

This warm-blooded creature has a great fight or flight instinct, which upon flight will actually fly away to safety.  Its predator is the Monstrum Beast, therefore, for survival it flies at a speed of 60 miles per hour. It can also gallop up to speeds of 60 miles per hour, but only 60 seconds at a time. The caballus only requires a minimum of 20 minutes of sleep and does not sleep for more than 4 hours consecutively.  This is due to its need to escape from danger such as predators. 

Because of its muscular strength, the caballus has been domesticated by the nomadic people of Palm Village to perform strenuous work on their plot of land to grow vegetation for the village.  It is believed that the caballus has the power of healing, so it is also used as therapy for illnesses.

Adrianna Salazar