Afterlife Money Paradise

 Back in 1987, a piece of land was unexpectedly found by a woman, who passed and later by a miracle came back to life to tell it all. This paradise was only available to those who went to the afterlife and provided them with happiness, peace, prosperity, and liberty forever. 

Upon arrival, you immediately smell the air to something other than fresh. This land had the smell of rich money, the scent instantly triggered the brain and made everyone happy.

There was no pavement on the floor, there were mountains and mountains of fresh green grass that required no maintenance. There were many tall trees with thin branches and bright green leaves. As you approach the tree you can see dollar bills ranging from $50-$100 growing from every leaf. After pulling a bill off the long thin branches, another bill would appear. These bills were used to create beds around the tree and bring peace.

The land had two long rivers that were as bright as gold confetti. As you walk towards the rivers you can see that the rocks inside the water were made out of gold. These rocks of gold were made to bring prosperity.

The season at the land shifted from sunshine to rain every 24-hours. As soon as the rain begun to pour, you can see the water sparkle down like glitter. As the rain drop hit the fresh green grass they instantly became diamonds of every kart and offered liberty.

No one other than the dead was able to experience this lavish life that was not offered elsewhere. Who knew money would bring such wanted elements for the better in another paradise other than our very own land.