Agent 47 is considered to be a chameleon assassin. Like a chameleon, he blends himself into the public using disguises. Sightings of Agent 47 are rare, and in fact, there has only been 3 reports from civilians who claimed to have spotted the assassin. These witnesses described him to be at least six feet tall, wearing a clean black suit, black leather gloves, and white dress shirt with a red tie. The man has pale skin, blue eyes, and dark eyebrows. He is completely bald and appears to have a bar code tattoo on the back of his head. It's intriguing though, that these three reports came from three assassinations in three different countries: America, Brazil, and France. Police from all around the world suspects Agent 47 to be the one who's responsible not only for these three events, but also for many unsolved homicide cases of corrupted officials, celebrities, and corporate commanders across countries. 

It is known that Agent 47’s signature weapon is a customized pair of silence silver AMT Hardballers nicknamed “Silverballers” by examining the bullets found in victims’ wounds. His arsenal also includes a fiber wire black garrote, a customized MP5, M4A1, and sniper.  He seems to be an excellent marksman who never wastes a shot. His bullets always hit the sufferer’s critical points with one hundred percent accuracy resulting of instant kills. Agent 47 is famous for his stealth attempts while he does sometimes go head on with gun blazing when outnumbered – not a force to be reckoned with.

Agent 47 is currently on the top 10 national wanted list. Many countries are looking to sought this man out and imprison him. Similar action towards Osama bin Laden, president Barrack Obama has also declared a mission to find the assassin and put an end to his reign of murders.