Agh Mountain Range is located in Eastern Turkey in an area north of Mesopotamia. Its length is about 1,200 miles with several snow covered peaks. The highest point of Agh Mountain is the Oja Dagh, with an elevation of 9,690 feet. The range is called “Agh” which means “white” in the local language, referring to the reflective snow covering the high points throughout the year. Agh Mountain is a huge reservoir of water with several large rivers on both sides constantly flowing. There are several warm springs in its slopes that attract people from the surrounding areas to bathe in the mineral waters. The waters in the springs are noted for their therapeutic effects. Agh Mountain Range has formed a natural boundary between Turkey and several eastern neighboring countries.


This border has witnessed numerous battles for control of the area among the neighboring countries throughout history. The area’s fertile green foothills are home to many different tribes who have lived in small villages for thousands of years. Although these people’s ancestors had been at war with each other in the past, they now live together in peace and harmony. The majority of people living around Agh Mountain are farmers. They grow wheat and barley and raise cattle and sheep in large numbers. The area is also famous for its honey. Some of the locals are also involved in trade with people in neighboring countries. They bypass the border check points and customs authorities and freely travel between the countries to buy and sell their goods.