Aladdin's Box

Aladdin’s box was a magical box that would appear on a person’s birthday and fulfill anything they desired. Based on the company who created it, Aladdin Enterprises, this box would teleport to your door and have a holographic genie grant you your wishes. This technology was developed during the late 22nd century to replace gift giving between friends and family. Aladdin Enterprises was founded on the catch phrase, “Not every gift is perfect,” by a group of students in Istanbul University. According to the group’s website,, a friend can order an Aladdin box from a catalog where the buyer chooses a price range to send. Once the person receives it, they can select anything that fits the price range. With color coded boxes, it became easier for people to pick out gifts for family and friends. Green is for $10 - $20, Yellow is $30 - $50, Blue is $60 - $100, Purple is $200 - $400, and White is $500 - $5000. The company initially tested their product in their community of students and found people were always intrigued what color box they will receive.

            Primarily constructed of metal, Aladdin’s box was easy to fit into a teleporter at the company’s location. Initial design included using gemstones to construct their boxes, but increased demand proved this would be inefficient. To create the technology, the students used a laser powered platform to create the holographic genie and allow him to partially leave the box to interact with individuals. After deploying, the genie asks what the person wants and will grant them their wish by transformation. Once the genie transforms, the box decreases in size for the user to keep as a souvenir.