Early ChildhoodEdit

Alan Fallon was born on November 18, 1935 in Manila, Philippines. Alan was interested in helping others and wanted to become a doctor. As a child, Alan grew up in a time where all his relatives began to move to other countries.

Early Migration to the U.S.Edit

In 1960, Alan migrated to America in search of a better future as a doctor. He decided to stay in Bakersfield, California, where he found work at an oil company in Kern County. Fallon worked 12-hour days in order to reach his goal. In 1965, he saved enough to attend California State University of Bakersfield to study medicine.

Personal LifeEdit

During school, Fallon met a woman named Lupe Hernandez. Like Fallon, Hernandez was also an immigrant. She was studying to become a registered nurse at the time. They fell in love and started to do research together.


Hernandez and Fallon were looking for a way to have a substance to instantly wash hands without having to find a sink. This substance would be convenient in the medical field. In 1966, Fallon and Hernandez found that Alcohol could be mixed with a gel to create something called a hand sanitizer. Unfortunately, once the hand sanitizer was created, Lupe had left Alan and took the recipe for Hand Sanitizer with her. Therefore, Fallon was never recognized for his research. To this day, the world only knows that Lupe Hernandez was the creator of Hand Sanitizer.