Alaura Kamile is a Greek Goddess of water and mind control. Alaura Kamile is an offspring of Poseidon’s hidden affair with a woman named Katherine Delareh, who is a human whom he met at the Kaskade Lake in Rome shortly after the Battle of Akepukus. In fear of the Gods learning of Alaura Kamile’s existence, Poseidon casted Alaura Kamile and Katherine away to the tri-delta where he put a sanctum around the tri-delta to hide them from being discovered by the Gods. The sanctum also prevented anyone who entered the tri-delta from getting out.

Alaura Kamile grew up as an only child and overtime, with the help of her mother, Alaura Kamile learned how to control her powers. Alaura Kamile eventually learned who her father was at age 25 and despised him for locking them up in the tri-delta. Infuriated, she set out on a mission to break out of the tri-delta. In the process of finding a way out, Alaura Kamile discovered a shiny object that resembled a ring inside a cave hidden deep in the ocean. Days after, she learned that she was in the possession of the powerful watalismark. In addition to possessing this new found power, she learned of a loop-hole about the sanctum that would enable her and her mother to escape the tri-delta. Escaping the tri-delta, the pair went back to Rome where they settled down in a small town called Alipus.

Alaura Kamile is associated with the delta greek letter, the hummingbird, the rain, and the bow and arrow. She is a well balanced person, swift as a hummingbird, a force to reckon with like the rain, and a warrior that has never lost a battle. Alaura Kamile was recognized as Alipus’ War Hero. Her fame brought her town pride, joy, and most importantly, an abundance of wealth. The town of Alipus thrived for many decades following Alaura Kamile’s disappearance. Alipus was considered the City of Clouds because life in Alipus was like floating through clouds; no worries, no poverty, and no war. Anyone who tried to corrupt Alipus was always defeated and it is rumored that Alaura Kamile is the reason for Alipus’ protection. Legends state that Alaura Kamile visits the town of Alipus time to time, but in form of an arothia. Some people have claimed to have seen the arothia, but there has been no solid evidence of the sighting.