Alexander Og, also known as AOG, was born on October 19th 1981 in San Francisco, California. At the age of 11, Alexander discovered his father was very ill from cancer but was also using marijuana as a medicinal treatment. When it was time for Alexander to start a new chapter of his life in college, he profoundly had an interest to study marijuana due to the fact it was saving his father’s life.

Alexander believed that he could invent a cure for cancer through the substances used to generate delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC for short. Alexander was forced to leave San Jose State University two years later due to the high cost in tuition and the insufficient funds he had left.

From there on, Alexander used the last of his savings fund and traveled to Amsterdam in order to pursue his dream of creating the perfect substance in marijuana to cure cancer. By 2006, he joined a research group named Stoners.

Later on, Alexander became the leader of Stoners and led the group to discovering the perfect solution substance to curing cancer in 2008. Coincidentally, he discovers his father passed away at home while Alexander was in Amsterdam the following day. His discovery was nationwide and it had earned Alexander and Stoners the Noble Piece Prize. From then on, Alexander named his medicinal marijuana’s cure for cancer in honor of his father, OG Kush, which is currently being distributed to all cancer patient survivors.