The Boy who held up the Moon Edit

Alfonso Stormbeard was born on July 42, 3046. He was the only child raised by a yeti in the valley of Northspring. Unlike his friends, Alfonso had no intention to stay in the small valley of Northspring. Alfonso often dreamt about one day going off into space and seeing the Moon.

On Janurary 22, 3059, Alfonso was offered a chance to live his dreams. Four space pirates landed in the valley of Northspring and informed the villagers of their impending doom. The space pirates explained that the very moon that Alfonso admired so much was on a crash course to Earth. Alfonso then asked the space pirates to take him to space so that he could see the moon for himself. He suggested that he had a way to stop the moon from falling. Without much choice, the space pirates agreed to Alfonso's demands and rode their magical scooter into space.

There, Alfonso saw the stars, the constellations, and the moon that was slowly drifting towards Earth. Alfonso knew what he had to do: he jumped out of the magical scooter and drifted towards the moon. As he collided with the moon, Alfonso pushed with all his might to attempt to stop its course. A giant shockwave resonated throughout space. Alfonso was nowhere to be seen and the moon had stopped in its tracks.

No one knew of Alfonso's fate, but they assumed that he had sacrificed himself to stop the moon from crashing into Earth. The citizens of Northspring told tales of Alfonso's sacrifice and eventually their tales began to spread. All over Earth, Alfonso became known as "the boy who held up the Moon."

-Vincent Yip