Alfred Dingus Yibber, most commonly known as "The Village Boy" was born on January 32nd 1001. Growing up in the small village of Indialando, he was taught many pratical hunting skills, such as how to use a pitchfork and how to light animals on fire. When he was age 3, he became very interested in science, much to the disdain of his mother. At age 13, he accidentally lit the village cow on fire and the villagers exiled him for eternally extinguishing their supply of milk. In his exile, he wandered into the lands of Spelberg, a nearby city. In this city he met a mentor; a father figure. This man was named HOLY PITCHFORK. HOLY PITCHFORK taught the young Alfred how to light his pitchfork on fire. Vengeful, 19 year old Alfred Dingus Yibber went back to the village of Indialando, from which he was exiled. With his pitchfork of fire, it's said that he massacred all 175 villagers, including his mother.

Later in life, "The Village Boy" Alfred decided to spend his life researching science in the city of Spelberg. At age 26, Alfred invented the first lightning cannon, which shot lightning out of a 3 foot long cannon. At age 56, Alfred discovered uranusium, the 234th element in the periodic table. At age 60 married a former student, Alicia Lindford, who became Alicia Dingus Yibber. When Alfred Dingus Yibber reached the age of 61 he contracted terminal cancer and died 1 week later.

It is said that he is forever embedded in the hearts of many as "The Village Boy".

Wesley T.