Alhambra Boy

Alhambra Boy, born January 21, 1989 is an American super hero. Anytime a person is in need of help, Alhambra Boy shows up and saves the day. Alhambra Boy has specialized in helping people get out of physical harm, emotional breakdowns, sicknesses, and school or job assignment deadlines. Alhambra Boy has spent most of his life in an academy specialized only for his kind. This academy is based in Yorba Linda, CA. Anytime a person is in trouble the academy receives a calling signal and sends one to four of their super heroes to resolve the issue. The program runs all day and can be very challenging to super heroes who aren't dedicated to serve and protect. Half the day is spent on academics, while the other half is spent on physical and psychological training. The school has only thirteen full time students, but many have tried and failed to meet the standards of being part of this prestigious club. There are many gut wrenching tasks one of these participants must go through to achieve the title as an American super hero, but Alhambra Boy has conquered all levels with flying colors.

Alhambra Boy has been part of the academy for seven years. He has all the personal accolades one of his kind can achieve. Alhambra Boy has four MVSPA (most valuable super hero awards), six running records, and three weight lifting titles. Alhambra Boy has surpassed all expectations, but continues to work hard everyday to help serve and protect people all over the world.

I have been so lucky to receive the services of Alhambra Boy. In the fall of 2008, I had a ten page paper on greenhouse gases and their effect on the environment. In fact, I had been sick all week with the flu and couldn't get the paper done. As a result the heroic efforts of Alhambra Boy came to my room with a ten page paper written only by scholars. He put his bare hands on me and stripped me away from the flu I had been fighting for days. Alhambra Boy will always be known as an exceptional American super hero, for as long as human beings roam earth.

Ariel Nazarian