Alondra DuBois was born on June 25th of 1952 in a humble cottage home on the outskirts of a city on the water, Annecy, France some kilometers away from the Swiss French border. She was born blind to Randolph and Sierra DuBois. This made her childhood much more difficult than the rest of the kids at Napoleon Bleu Elementary school located two kilometers downtown. As time went on, she discovered music and that led to an artistic curiosity. Her mother was a painter and attempted to show her what painting felt like. She had a friend who grew up and decided to try psychedelic drugs. Alondra was curious so she tried some as well and attempted to paint while under the influence of LSD. This activated a skill that allowed her to paint the most vivid shaped she was enabled to see. She then ended up having one of her trippy paintings in a widely known museum in Paris named the Saint Pierre Art Museum. She continues to live on as one of Annecy’s most worldly known painters. She passed away of unknown reasons but her paintings are now some of the most sacred possessions and exhibits of the largest museum in Europe. Her least recognized piece recently was purchased at an auction for $390,000 by a Russian painting collector that currently lives in a hillside mansion in Phuket, Thailand.