Alternative Tacts: Trump's Truthful Approach

Rumor has it alternative facts are ruling the political scene. Depending on which party is talking -- Democratic or Republican, alternative facts may be truth or may be the signs of America's crumbling political structure. This casual relationship with facts and willingness to flex truth whenever convenient has some people scared out of their minds.

A few of the reasons people seem to be shaken by alternative facts is that Washington D.C.'s homicide is up 50%, the murder rate in Philadelphia is increasing, and, most frighteningly, there were two gun homicides in Chicago during Barack Obama's farewell speech. Despite all of the seemingly peaceful social interactions elsewhere, the aforementioned dangers have captivated a nation and riveted the global audience.

Fortunately, salvation could be near, illustrated by the following: Trump has the all-time record for Time magazine covers. Another profoundly meaningful statistic: Trump's inauguration was the most watched inauguration of all time, both in America and around the world. Here is how much more watched Trump's inauguration is than Obama's: 420,000 people used the transit system in D.C. on inauguration day compared to Obama's 317,000. In fact, this was the first time in America’s history that floor coverings were used to "protect the grass on the Mall [inauguration seating area]. That had the effect of highlighting areas where people were not standing, while in years past the grass eliminated this visual.” The statements indicate one impossible to verifyverifiable truth: the Republican party, and America as a whole, is balanced precariously in small hands.

Like KellyAnne Conway says, "You're saying it's a falsehood, and Sean Spicer, our press secretary, gave alternative facts."


Lucas Chatham