The amazie is a cross pollination between the flower known as the daisy, an the cocoa plant. The amazie has a 1/2” yellow disc at the center of twenty, 1.5” light brown petals and a green stem ranging from 8 to 10” in length. The petals of the flower have both a chocolatey fragrance and taste, and they can be eaten without preparation after growing into full maturity. The amazie can be found in states with warmer climates, such as the Hawaiian islands and southern California, and bloom in the summer season. These flowers are a recent creation and originated in the United States in the early 21st century. The amazie was created by a man named Will Growflowers who was desperate for a way to combine the two most common gifts given to women on holidays; chocolate and flowers. Growflowers was said to be a brilliant chemist, but due to the crumbling economy at the time, he was forced to work at a low income job and could not afford to purchase a gift for his significant other for Valentine’s Day. He decided to put his chemistry skills and knowledge to use and began to experiment with flower mutation as a side project. The  successful combination of a chocolate flavor and the beauty of a flower were said to be “amazing,” which led the creator to combine this word with the breed of the flower, the daisy, into “amazie.” The flowers were an instant phenomenon, selling by the millions in flower shops across the country.

Created by: Haley Ertl