On the Continent of South America rest a country named Brazil. Brazil is a giant piece of landmass that is known for it’s beautiful city Rio de Janeiro and it’s beaches. Brazil is not only known for it’s cities and beaches but it is also know for it’s un explored jungle. This unexplored jungle is called the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon stretches for 1.359 billion acres and expedition teams have explored only a third of that number. There is said to be a legend within the Amazon rainforest. This legend is said to be an ancient artifact that can mean the difference between life or death, eating and starving, or getting hypothermia. On August 3rd 2001 an expedition team lead by Captain Vine set out into the Amazon rainforest to find this ancient artifact. The exploration time traveled miles down the Amazon Bison in search of the artifact but they came up with nothing. Captain Vine kept his optimism high and his crew moral up for the majority of the trip but as the journey went on and the crew’s morality dampened Captain Vine kept his optimism and if finally paid off. Two days before the expedition was over the crew got a lead from one of the local villages shamans who knew of the ancient device they were looking for. The shaman talked about the device being the power of the Gods and how the device could release energy so great you could feel it on your skin. Captain Vine and his men followed the exact directions of the shaman and it paid off. The crew found the ancient device on August 23rd 2001 and they returned to civilization victorious.