The Bi-Lacertilia that has been living in the Amazon for four years after it was discovered in the summer of 2014. The size of this species is as big as an average Komodo Dragon, its cousin, which is 8.5ft in length. It belongs to the Animalia Kingdom and part of the Squamata order. Bi-headed, which allows it to deceive its prey by blending both heads. Due to its two heads, it has the ability to deceive its prey by blending them together in order to form a divergent and kill other species twice its size. They have very sharp teeth that consist of Hemotoxic venom so strong which can kill anything it bites within seconds, attacking the heart and cardiovascular system. 


American Zoologist’s had been curious to find out how this amazing Bi-Lacertilia came to be. They know for a fact that it was not a mixture of two different lizards that happened to produce this Amazonian monster. In fact, in 2016, Dr. Madison Buchanan discovered that a portion of the Amazon River, near Manaus, Brazil, was contaminated by toxic sludge left by Heisenberg Industries, a nuclear power plant. The Casquehead Lizard came in contact with the toxic sludge and began growing in size as well as acquiring new features such as; enhanced respiratory abilities under water, great heat sensitivity, and sleight of hand movements to combat predators.

Big Game Hunting

The Bi-Lacertilia is now popular in the sport of hunting due to its killer instincts and their heavy layered skin. Many gamers are paid to go to the Amazon and search for this two headed lizard so that the wealthy living near swamps and rivers can place this creature in their backyard to protect themselves from the local alligators. Other people like to buy the skin for it’s mesmerizing color scheme, florescent red, and make pieces of clothing that are both fashionable and warm. The rise in popularity has attracted many and since the start of 2017, they began to decrease in population making it illegal to now own or kill. Since the winter of 2017, PETA has made headlines in the local newspapers for protecting such creature. 

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