Five years ago, the makers of Ambrosia set out on a mission to create the finest chocolate taste with the least amount of calories. Their goal was to capture a larger market share of candy bar consumers than any other company had done in the past. The difficulty in this task was that the candy bar industry was dominated by a few big names that have been around for decades. There has also been a slight decline in chocolate bar consumption due to healthier lifestyles. After several years of research and development, a revolutionary chocolate bar was on the verge of being unveiled. One of the main ingredients that made this product possible is an artificial sweetener called Tambian. Unlike any other artificial sweetener, Tambian created that high quality taste you would find in Swiss chocolate without the unwanted calories that usually accompany.

On February 2, 2013, Retail stores all over the United States began selling this amazing chocolate candy bar that only contained 20 calories. The incredibly delicious treat was called “Ambrosia”, which translates to: food of the gods in Latin. It was extremely well received by the public and soon became nationwide craze. It appealed to the more health conscious consumers with its minimal amount of calories, while being able to grab the attention of chocolate lovers everywhere. Two weeks after its appearance in the U.S, countries across the globe began demanding it. Within the month that followed, Ambrosia was being sold in more than 70 countries worldwide. Ambrosia showed more traction in the global market in one month than the Hershey’s company had in its first 10 years.

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