The United State's government has a star portal that is located at the base of the Washington Monument in the heart of Washington, DC. Millions of tourists go by this portal every year on their way to the elevator to take them up to the top of the monument (Our National Parks, July 2029). A recent survey by found that only 37.89% of the people even knew of the existence of this star portal.

It is in the basement well below the tourist information office. Once you go in you can see a double doors on the left side labeled “Authorized Personnel Only”. That is the entrance to the star portal.

This star portal allows one to teleport to and from the International Space Station. Supplies destined for the Space Station are brought through the Washington Monument’s loading dock. Local residents have noticed an increase in deliveries since the end of the space shuttle launches. “There are so many darn delivery trucks going to the services dock [of the Washington Monument] after that silly Space Shuttle was grounded,” said local DC resident John AstroSmith.

The International Space Station needs regular supplies to support the people living there. The star portal handles all of this since the Space Shuttle is no longer in use. The only other alternative is to use rockets supplied by private companies (Astronomy Times, StarDate 218934576432). A side benefit of this is that food, water and games go up to the Space Station with ease. The games are necessary to keep the occupants entertained. They used to allow internet access from the Space Station. But the astronauts were found to be frequenting the Caribbean online casinos too often as noted in the January 2051 edition of the “Caribbean Gambling Times” magazine.

The United States government is able to save a lot of money by avoiding the fuel cost of rocket launches. Considering that one Space Shuttle launch consumed the equivalent of the amount of gasoline of an average American family car used running for 10,579 years, the money saved for the American tax payers was beneficial. It provided an estimated $157 billion savings in just the year 2025 alone, said a representative from the official Washington DC based “Taxation without Representation” watch dog agency.

The food is better now, too, as stated by a former astronaut Buzz Lightyear III. “My favorite is the latest version of TANG, Instant Breakfast Drink. It tastes yummy,” he was quoted as saying. In fact a TANG executive mentioned in a recent trade report that he was working on a deal to have Lightyear in a 30 second commercial for the upcoming SuperBowl XCIX half-time show.