The Amulet of Strength is said to be a powerful object, which possesses powers to allow the wearer to gain massive strength.  Amulets are commonly made of gold and are usually worn as a necklace.  This amulet is rumored to date back 100 years to a time in Egypt.  The legend is that this amulet was previously owned by a king and was used to rule all of Egypt.  The king was said to have been able to move boulders ten times the size of him with just one hand.  However, after the passing of the king, it was rumored that the amulet was locked away in a safe underground.  This was to protect others from using its powers for evil.  To this day no one knows the exact location of the amulet and whether or not it still works.


The amulet of strength was rumored to be the strongest and most powerful item in the world.  It was said to be the one weapon that could rule the country.  It was heard that the amulet had the power to greatly increase one’s strength.  The amulet was solar powered, so the rays from the sun gave it strength.  The amulet was attached to a necklace and was worn around the neck.  Once the wearer puts on the amulet, the powers were said to run through the wearer’s body and allow them to lift things 100 times their size. 

Side EffectsEdit

Just like medicine, it was said the amulet had side effects.  It was rumored that continual use would wear down one's body and age them faster.  It was said that the king weakened due to continual use of the amulet and eventually aged rapidly to his death.  Due to these life threatening side effects, people should avoid the use of this amulet because it is not worth the risks.

Lawrence Ng