Ana, Princess of Joly (3 August 1960-present), is the wife of Jonathan, Prince of Joly, who is the eldest and the next heir of Queen Oma.

Ana was born into a family of Irish Elite with ancestors of royal descent as the Honourable Anna Sacone. She was the fourth child and the second daughter of Eduardo Sacone. She grew up in a small town in ireland, she was educated in Ireland and in England. In 1975 she became Lady Ana Sacone.

She married the Prince of Joly on 29 July 1981, held in Sorrento, over 650 million people viewed her wedding on global television, while married she did carry many titles alongside of her title of Princess of Joly. In her marriage with Jonathan, Prince of Joly she had two children Eduardo and Emilia, Eduardo being the next heir to the throne. As the princess she took over many royal duties on behalf of the Queen and went overseas to represent her as well. She was very respected and celebrated for all her work with charities and other children's organizations.  

Ana is still very included in many of her charities and has become very active on social media, the prince and herself are still happily married and Eduardo is working hard in college as well as Emilia they both are very smart and also very involved in charities alongside their mother and father.

Both the children of the Princess are involved in world charities and work hard to keep the family name untainted and in good standings.

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