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Ancient Assassins - Cats

Domesticated roughly 10,000 years ago their worship in Egypt began in 3100BC and lasted until 390 AD that is 3,490 years of devotion. Cats were revered in ancient Egypt over other domestic animals and for a good reason. Silent, quick, sure footed and as well balanced as an Olympic gymnast, cats made the perfect killer. Pharaohs of ancient Egypt would poison the claws of cats or equip them with blades to kill officials who were deemed as corrupt, rebellious or of no use to them but too dangerous to keep around. The tales of cats murdering people made the Egyptians revere cats as gods who could take life whenever they pleased thus beginning the worship of the felines. But pharaohs were not the only ones who used these ancient killers. Pharaoh Ramses III was a target of the pharaohs wife queen Tiy and her son Prince Pentawere. Pharaohs loved to keep cats near them in their lavished palaces but this practice was Rameses III’s demise. After examining the mummified corpse of Ramses III expert’s report that his throat was slit. The cut was by a small blade perhaps one attached to the claws of the assassin. With over 3000 years to hone the art of cat assassination the ancient Egyptians have used cats to eliminate targets as well as in attempts to usurp thrones. The worship ended in 390AD also coincides with the destruction of the library of Alexandria by Coptic Pope Theophilus in 391AD where all the knowledge of training cat’s as assassin was stored.

David Tam

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