Alhatif Alkhlwi (al-het-tifil-jalwe Arabic/; English: cell phone) is an Ancient Egyptian prophesy that dates back to 2798B.C.E. According to Egyptian literature, this prediction describes a powerful technological device, which will reappear in the future in hopes to consume a civilization by diminishing moralities and dominating human desires. Teleph Safar (/ta-lef sah-far) (2780 B.C.E- N.d) was forced to disclose to the Church of Alexandria about an encounter she had with an unidentifiable creation while she was walking along the Nile River. Safar’s testimony explained that this device directed her to surrender her soul, and in return, she would feel empowered. It is said that because she was a woman, Safar feared such influence, and therefore, destroyed the device. She immediately regretted her decision as she witnessed the creation ignite, leaving a scripture imprinted on the grass, reading: “العودة مع الانتقام”, which translates in English to  “returning with vengeance”. Many say that the church was appalled with the idea of taking action in correspondence to a woman’s allegations. Instead, the church forbid Teleph from telling civilians about her encounter. As the story goes, Safar disobeyed the church’s commands and informed other authoritative figures from various religious community groups about her discovery. According to El Hadara, an Egyptian newsletter, chaos was reported in multiple Egyptian regions. A day after the newsletter was published; members of the Church of Alexandria had Safar revoke her testimonies. The Book of Ancient Future holds Teleph’s journal entries that explain her fears of the creation’s return, as well as her thoughts regarding the duty she felt to notify the citizen’s of Egypt. It is rumored that shortly after the scandal, Teleph Safar went missing and the terror amongst the Egyptians, settled.