It has recently been discovered by a team of scientists that a very rare Fantimode 1618 typewriter contains magical powers. This typewriter has the ability to make all of your wishes come true, simply by typing what it is you desire. Senior director and leading technology director of MIT, Matt Gemish along with a team of renowned scientists have been studying these rare Fantimode typewriters for the past 3 months. According to Gemish we are lucky the typewriters have not come to the wrong hands for these typewriters are capable of anything. It seems these ancient and rare typewriters have been passed on within families from generation to generation. These families have been literally writing the future of the whole world for almost two centuries. There is still development underway as to how the typewriters poses these magical powers, but it seems they come from the ancient Cutimerian civilization which used black magic until they were ambushed and massacred by the Yamenit people. Gamish and his team are still mid-development in the findings of this ancient typewriter, story developing.