He is 28 years old, high school education, but now he had a company of his own, manages more than one hundred degree higher than their own employees, he is Li Andy. 28 years old young boy’s company grows quickly and smoothly. This let many people feel don't seem to understand. Li’s family was surprised. Li's father was a theater director, mother is also a literary and art workers. When Li was young, he followed the family in the rural areas in grandma's home, and also this life let Li have more freedom and space. His childhood and children of the same age is not the same. His parents always wanted Li follow his father's footsteps, but Li’s path and their thoughts are quite different. For example, when he was at the first grade, we gave him twenty cents to buy ice cream, but he lost it on the way. He had to find twenty cents. This was a very small thing that was twenty cents lost. However, Li had to find it. He is very headstrong. He has his own company, but he has had a big problem when he just opened his company. In 2003, we have half employees and half of the editors to resign. That time was actually regarded as relatively large difficulties. That was very anxious. Half of the editors are gone. Because we all rely on the site's editor to operate, so basically no way to operate it. Then I immediately called them, and one by one phone call, even anxious not to eat the dinner. I asked them why, they said that they had to report to a competitor, and it stresses competitors carve out what kind of conditions. However, I still called them for this possibility. In fact, no one did back. When I thought back, it was really my problem. And that day I may sleep two or three hours, as has been thinking about this thing. I backed to company on next day, but also the rest of these people. There were a few leaders, and we worked together to meet to discuss immediately recruit people. About a week or so, the entire site to normal operations resumed.