Angie Does it All

Angela Cortez de la Torre Martinez Gonzalez, better known by her stage name Angie, is Russian and Mexican-American singer, songwriter, model, actress, and comedian. She made her debut performance as a comedian and sung Madonna’s Like a Virgin in 1986 at the age of three.  The Russian show Who Wants to be American? allowed the world to discover her talent. She left the audience speechless, which led to her triumph in the contest beating Paris Hilton, Adam Levine, and George Lopez.

It wasn’t until she flew to the U.S. where her career got the biggest jumpstart. One night she was out with her parents having dinner when she decides to go the restroom. As she concentrates on her business she starts singing Like a Virgin where big-time record producer Pead A. Filo encountered this young sensation. He instantly decides to sign her to FeelGood Records making her the youngest recording artist at just 6 years old.

Angie was born in Dallas, TX on February 30, 1983 to parents Jesus and Anastacia Cortez de la Torre Martinez Gonzalez. Only two weeks after her birth her family was forced to leave the country due to problems with the DEA and the Mexican drug cartel.

Today, Angie has left the singing and comedic scene and has gone into the world of Adult Films. She has won two Oscars, four Emmy’s, and even the Nobel Prize for her work in Dirty Kitchen Floor. There is absolutely nothing Angie can’t do; her talent is extraordinary.

Lazarita Sapien