Angry birds are a species of birds that are prone to episodes of immense rage. They only inhibit a small island in the Middle-Of-No-Where Ocean called Bird-radise. There are a total of 20 sub-species of angry birds, that have many different colors, shapes and sizes.

Red angry birds are average sizes, are the angriest and are outcasts of the island. They like to settle as far as possible from other birds due to their sudden outbursts of rage.

Yellow angry birds, on the other hand have low attention spans and can be seen impulsive, switching from activity to activity. This is the key to their survival as their nature allows them to always be aware of their surrounds and flee at the first sight of danger.

The most discrete, yet most dangerous type are black angry birds. They are friendly in nature but when provoked, they have the tendency to “explode.” It is a defense mechanism but can be difficult for their species to socialize with other flocks.

The angry birds’ natural enemy are green-colored pigs that are bipedal and have a goofy disposition. They are quite nimble-fingered and have been observed to build large structures. Pigs are known to sneak into angry birds’ nests and steal their eggs which seem to be the cause of their antagonism with the birds.

To retrieve their eggs, the angry birds have constructed a large slingshot with which they utilize to propel themselves over large distances to crash into the pigs’ structures. This behavior is not understood by scholars as the birds are inclined to vanish in thin air after a few seconds upon landing.

Some speculate the angry birds’ rage is what compels them to commit bird-icide. Further analysis is required.

Morris Ngo

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