Animá Escapé (Ah-ne-mah, Eh-s-kah-peh) is a forbidden magic spell that enables people to transfer their soul to a different world. It was a spell that many of the Central Native Americans in the 8th—10th century often practiced in order to survive an epidemic disease.


Animá Escapé has many ingredients, risk, and steps in order to perform. Necessary ingredients include: water, dirt, sunlight, four-leaf clovers or blue roses, blood from the body desired to transfer to a different world, and hair from companions. The risks to teleport to another world with companions would be the process of completion of the spell at the same time. Groups must hold hands and hold breath for a minute, chant the spell at the same time, in order to appear in the same location together. Failure to do so each time will cost body parts of random members in each group. The first step of performing the spell requires the ingredients. After gathering all the correct materials, one must draw circles on the ground with stars, circle with rings, and locate the desired paradise in the stars. In the middle of their sketch on the ground, they must place all the required ingredients there, sit, and meditate until the mind is at peace. In a group, companions must sit closely together and have hairs of each other in their circle as an additional requirement. Then, they must hold their breath for a minute before performing the chants. After completion, they must now chant the animals and create gestures of animal signs with their hands. Success would show a ray of light shooting up towards the sun from the body. Then, the body will be decomposing in seconds into the ground, transferring bodies to the other world.


It originated from a clan called Kiyna in the Americas during ancient times. The Kiyna clan suffered an epidemic disease called hyperventilating disorder that was brought over by the Europeans. Close to extinction, the clan leader decided to expose their secret spell to the other clans to pass on the spell and help others escape as well. The spell was their savior. The leader believed that the Europeans would come again and destroy all of them. The spell brought all the clans to a different world. 2% of Native Americans live today but the 98% are in another world, scattered in the universe. They are alive and they will come back to take their land using the spell once again.


On October 31st, 1944, there was a message sent from the stars near Jefferson City, Missouri. It read that the forgotten race would return to slaughter everyone with a greater population of 7 billion, equal to our current world population.

Cassie Kwong